Friday, January 17, 2014

This moment

Stop. Look around. This, my friend, is the season you are in on your journey through life.

Breathe. Take it all in.

What does it look like? For me it’s filled with moving boxes waiting to be unpacked and onesies. In pink, purple, and yellow. 

It’s a messy kitchen and several loads of laundry waiting to be done. 

See that over there? It’s my bed. Man, at the end of the day I cannot wait to fall into the blankets and fall into a peaceful sleep. For I know, that it will not be like this for long.

It’s juggling a work schedule while not working past my limits. I’m still struggling to find a balance. 

It is the moment Pandora thinks I picked up on a new language in 2013 and plays only commercials in Spanish. Hola Pandora. Taco, burrito, nacho, I hear you. 

Tiny kicks and flutters fill my day while I focus on the screen at my desk. How am I going to feel when the womb is empty and the crib is holding that to which I still carry in my heart?

These moments, where the words flow gracefully are moments I embrace. Clarity strikes and the soul speaks. Normally they happen while driving down the road and in minutes, all recollection of the thoughts are lost. 

A few minutes before, I was reading an article on the top trends for Weddings in 2014. Did I embrace that moment in my life? Or did I rush through it waiting for the end, the marriage? Am I doing the same now? 

So I remember to stop. Look around. Breathe. Enjoy this moment.

Friday, April 5, 2013

April Showers bring.....

Rain.. A beautiful and blessed thing around here. Thankfully we have received some and are waiting on the next round. So many things are great about the rain, the rejuvenation of life and cleansing away of the old.

March was, like always, fast and furious. Sadly, April has more events than March. B will be gone to missile/rocket training (is there a difference???) and I have event on top of event for work. Each Saturday I am working, the nice thing is that B will be working too! K is along for the ride.

Kid little was grounded this week for peeling paint off the door in her bathroom. It's something I would have done at her age and yet I painted a custom painted van pink instead. I remember thinking that death had rained upon me when I got into trouble, interesting enough I cannot remember the punishment. It's weird how we remember the most random stuff.

March highlights
 Impromptu photo session with mom.
 Youth Fair! Front page with a new family!
 Easter Egg hunt ... Lots of yummy goodies!
 We mustache you a question...
 The nephew and his Uncle B!
Happy Birthday K!!

**All Iphone pictures.. I need to bust out my trusty camera this month!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Junk in the Trunk

B and I attend Life Group which is a small group with people that go to our church. This semester our Bible Study is Community which is a study that teaches you how to bond with those around you. During weeks 4-6 each person in the group has to give their life story. I think everyone in the group was just a little panicked to say the least. 

A part of our group went this past week. They all did a great job and gave us the motivation to truly tell our story. I know that we will not lay out all of our junk but we will give what matters most. Some of that junk just needs to stay in the trunk for now. 

It has taken two days to type out my story. I know I am missing things and mentioning things that don't matter. I challenge you to try to write out your life story and relate it to your beliefs. I think it has been difficult for everyone in our group and we all have different backgrounds.

Over this past month I have been to the Ft. Worth Stock Show, Austin and the San Antonio Stock Show with my 4-H members. I truly have some great kids and I am thankful for the job I have. It is not always easy and sometimes I am away from home but it is very rewarding. I cannot wait for Kbug to be in the 3rd grade so she will get to take part in some of the adventures.

Since the last post Lent has started. I am not Catholic but I have practiced Lent since college. This year I gave up sodas, tea, koolaide, pretty much everything but water. Now and then I will make a fruit smoothy since it is counting towards my fruit intake and well I don't count it. Last year I gave up Facebook and I think this is just as difficult.  It probably doesn't help that B gave up sodas and I am constantly making koolaide and tea so that he has something to drink. Nothing like a nice dose of temptation to keep you grounded.

This next month will be fast and furious. B has drill, in-laws are coming for a visit, spring break, youth fair, Kbug's 8th birthday and Easter.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Momma Cray-Cray

Today I think my co-worker and I hit stress level max. For her she has a million projects going on right now. Me, I think I might have some sympathy stress for her plus some. We are working on editing our 4-H kids scholarships. They send it in and within hours most of the time we send it back with more corrections and additions. This kid is way more stressed about these than the kids I'm sure. I don't think they get it. I wish they did. I also wish they could all walk the stage and get $18,000 for their college education because the good Lord knows they need it.

I think I woke up this morning will all my little nerve endings buzzing. Before 8am I was already feeling anxiety over nothing.

I battle this on and off. A lot of the time, I feel normal (what does normal feel like). Some days, it is an emotional rollercoaster. Normal days, the roller coaster looks like any other. It reaches to the sky and swoops down to the bottom. Little water feature near the bottom so you think you might land in it. Typical rollercoaster. The not normal days it gets exciting. Same roller coaster however when it leaves the loading dock it goes 0 to 300 mph in a blink of an eye. When it climbs to the top it shows no sign of slowing down. Imagine all the little people riding in this unsuspecting rollercoaster. They get to the top and FLY out of their seats!!! Then on the way back down, roller coaster still moving like lightening ENTERS the water feature. Poor peeps, heads underwater, sinking. Then the roller coaster keeps going.

By time it gets to the loading dock, everyone is in shock. System overload and life has flashed before their eyes. Crazy.

BTW did I mention I HATE roller coasters. This was just the best comparision I could think of.

On those days there are tears. Sometimes lots of them. Sometimes it means getting back into bed and getting a system restart via a nap.

I am not having one of those days. Thank the Lord and give me strength when those days come.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thoughts... Random thoughts!

Week two and I'm several days behind... Life is hard! Hahaha juuuust kidding. No really, surviving is rough!

The hubster has been missing in action for over a week now. I am now living in deployment, single parenting, gotta do it all on my own mode. House is a wreck but who are we kidding right, it's 100% normal. Did organize my bathroom which had two or three overnight bags 1/2 packed on the floor. Now I just need to scrub the icky-ness. 

Back to MIA Hubster, thank dear sweet baby Jesus that he is just an hour or two away. I've seen him a few moments and I can not wait until this weekend when he will come home. Not to be redundant but I SUPER MISS HIM. Like a lot!

Taxes. Yup straight to the goodness, taxes. Love H and R Block commercials. I would also love a tiny portion of the 10,000 that one lady recieved. I am all about a hefty tax return, Mama has bills to pay. Since this was a severe random side track in conversation, let me tell you about something normal.

.... Hmmm.... Hmmmm... Cougar Town distraction.... Hmm

Yup that is all I have. Bed time.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again. People choose to make lofty promises to themselves in hopes that they may achieve one or more of the 100 things they would like to change in the up coming year.

The past few years I have not set out to make a list. This year is different. I made a few goals for myself which I think could be accomplished.

2013 New Years Resolutions

1. Blog. Once a week or twice a month
2. Take a photography class.
3. Shoot a wedding as a second shooter.
4. Refinish a piece of furniture.
5. Be a better wife, mom, and friend.
6. Fit into size 12 pants. Then maybe size 10.
7. Learn to coupon and be successful.
8. Start/finish Masters.
9. Honeymoon.... Overseas.
10. Finish estate

Simple. Easy peasy. I made a list of things that I can easily accomplish. Well I'm nervous about the weigh loss - I am a huge fan of unhealthy food. However I have lots of lonely size 12 pants I'd like to comfortably fit my hips into. I'm into being comfortable, my wardrobe shows it.

One thing I should add is be a better employee at work. Last year work and I didn't vibe. Hubby almost went active duty and on the inside I was cheering for a break. Something new and fresh. I think for now the change is me. I need to be better and it should WILL make a difference.

For now my life will consist of work, being wife and mom, and being the dinner preparer for my house. This mama has been super spoiled since my hubby took things over in that dept. now he has a job (YEA) and I will be the dinner make for my family a few nights a week. I will start on Tuesday and we will see how it goes. 

Past month in photos...